Our Values

INNOVATE technosports

AP PowerShot will be trailblazers for next generation sporting technology.

PROMOTE fitness

AP PowerShot will help people to get fit and healthy.

CONNECT communities

AP PowerShot will encourage communities to come together through sport & technology.

UNLEASH potential

AP PowerShot will unleash your maximum performance potential.


AP PowerShot will find the fun in everything we do.

INSPIRE others

AP PowerShot will help foster other young entrepreneurs and coders.

Our Internal 'Behind The Scenes' Values

We even have a set of 11 internal team values that we live by.   These guide how our PowerShot ‘family’ operates.

  • Work hard to deliver awesome service
  • Embrace change and take it up a notch
  • Have fun whilst showing our inner weirdness
  • Keep on learning
  • Be adventurous and creative
  • Value everyone’s opinions
  • Create a great team spirit
  • Keep it simple
  • Have pride, passion and positivity
  • Be humble and express gratitude
  • Keep your promises

GOAL is 1 million downloads

Kidpreneurs combining technology and sport to create an app that measures how fas you can kick, hit and throw