A Community of Innovation

To get a great idea heard, there needs to be a community to hear it!

A 10 year old is Inspired

At the age of 10 Elliot who loves the TV program Shark Tank Australia, wanted to do something like that. A local Cairns initiative called theSPACE were holding something similar but only for adults; Elliot went anyway and loved it! theSPACE is FNQ’s Innovation & Startup Hub – a passionate community of founders & innovators in tropical North Queensland. This initiative provides the perfect platform for our young team to pitch and grow their idea.

More Local Inspiration

A new initiative in conjunction with James Cook University and theSpace, called ‘Emerging Entrepreneurs’ was created by Damian Zammit. Elliot attended the pilot program and there was no looking back. Troy and Damian continue their support of our program via theSpace where we hold weekly meetings and idea sessions.

Emerging Entrepreneurs Explained

The Emerging Entrepreneurs program has been designed to prepare students for the unprecedented change that is coming, with a focus on turning problems into opportunities and creating the next wave of entrepreneurs. Presented in 10 to 20 week programs, we’re striving for national accreditation and a mindset change across Australia.

A Platform to Build Ideas

Elliot gathers a team of dynamic friends and books them into the next Business Start-Up & Innovation Weekend, and initiative by theSpace where you are surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder, and connecting with the right people and resources.

Ideas into Action

We’ve loved every minute of our journey!

An Idea is Born

So, it all started at theSpace’s Start-Up & Innovation Weekend held in Cairns in November 2015. Elliot (aged 11) had an idea. Cory (aged 10) and Hamish (aged 13) joined his team and an idea is turning into reality.

Growing an Idea

Elliot and his team work together to grow Elliot’s (Creator) idea, and start to think about how to make it grow and turn into reality. They make big decisions, such as the look and feel of the App, the logo, and much more like how are we creating this new technology…and where to find the IT engineers and experienced coders.

Meeting Mentors

Jamie Armer used her teaching skills to coach the team of three boys! With her coder husband Nanthaniel watching their developments. Now exploring the USA these valuable PowerShot mentors would Skype the team from America . guiding them through their wild ideas and aspirations for the App.

Having Fun

In between working hard, three young boys are bound to have a lot of fun along the way! Weekly meetings are also filled with many trips to the Soul Kitchen for crepes, games of ping pong, shooting hoops and anything really to keep the brain fuel up to these bright young lads.

Gathering Supporters

Armed with their great App idea, the boys work to pitch their idea to all the right channels including one of their idols, professional soccer player, Jamie Gosling, who now plays back in Cairns for the FNQ F.C. and runs the Jamie Gosling Football Academy

Partnering with Experts

The team takes every opportunity to share their idea and progress with other industry experts all via theSpace and the Emerging Entrepreneurs program. Lots of great advice, support and words of encourage has been gathered along the way.

Girl Power Arrives

Jess was unable to attend the start-up weekend, and after avidly following the boys progress, bravely made an appointment and gave a formal persuasive presentation to the PowerShot team to join the team (the judging Panel – x-Factor style, voted YES!). Jess adds a new dynamic to the team.

Turning Ideas into Reality

Getting to the pointy end now, we are in the thick of Crowdfunding reward ideas, getting PowerShot online, creating budgets, and all the serious things to turn a great idea into a great App.

Planning, Planning, Planning

There’s been a lot of brainstorming going on at our weekly about crowdfunding rewards, marketing ideas, networking, more App ideas and much much more. We also get our website live!

Crowdfunding Began on the 27th June 2016

This campaign gave us funds to take it to the next level. The FULL version. PowerShot… measures how fast you can kick, hit or throw and then… share, compare and compete. Our goal was $5000 in 30 days! We got over our target with $5,377!

Celebrate Success

We celebrated our success in fundraising with a Ping Pong and Pizza Party with our supporters and then started to award all the special pledge rewards to our backers….and then back onto business again!

Coding Kickstarts!

Dr Jason Holdsworth from IT @ JCU (James Cook University Cairns) together with IT Students Jess and Tyler, take up the challenge to teach the PowerShot team to code their own App. We cannot thank this trio enough; they have been so amazing to us each and every week teaching us new skills, thank you.

Tropical North Qld Innovation Awards

We were proud to have been selected as part of 3 finalists for the People’s Choice Awards at the Tropical North Qld Innovation Awards. Whilst we didn’t win our category, we got to mingle with local innovators, meet James O’Loghlin AND we were awarded a Mayor’s Inspiration Finalist Award. Woohoo!

Testing begins

This is the very tricky part…collecting data, asking for feedback and testing the accuracy of our building App. We even enlisted the police to assist us with radar testing to help build the right algorithms for the App. Cool huh?

More testing

Boy…this phase takes a lot of work…lots more testing the PowerShot App team with Dr Jason Holdsworth. Dr Holdsworth is leading the charge in coming up with some great and leaing edge points of difference for our App. We email our backers to seek feedback by showing them our paper protype. Awesome!

More and more networking to tell our story...

Here we are talking at an Inspiring Rare Birds Seminar Future-Proof Your Business With Innovative Tactics From Gen Z | Cairns We have learnt so much from the very inspiring Jo Burston CEO of Inspiring Rare Birds. We’ve also been interviewed on Far North ABC Radio Drive Time, had a two page article in the CairnsLife Mag, networked at YEP, Chamber of Commerce and B.L.A. breakfasts – we even sat next to Shark Tank’s Steven Baxter!

Social Media Ramps Up!

With all the mentoring we have been getting by experts in their field via our networking contacts; we have each taking responsibility for one of our companies social media streams under the watchful eye of team mum Helen. We have even written our own Social Media Policy to adhere to.

Networking with Steve Baxter

Soaking up the business energy at Business Liaison Association breakfast hanging with our new bestie Steve Baxter!


We won the Junior Student Division at the QLD iAwards!

We’ve just returned from the aiia iAwards held on 7th June at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre! iAwards is the premier technology awards platform in Australia delivering the most comprehensive awards program which recognises the achievements and innovation made in ICT across all facets of the economy. Woohoo! Now we go through to the National finals in Melbourne in August!

Partnership Deed Signed - Introducing AP PowerShot

It was a big day for the Founding Members of PowerShot, with a Partnership Deed being signed by the 5 partners on 26 July 2017. It’s official – our business name is AP PowerShot, with the 5 founding partners being Elliot [Concept Creator and Founding Partner] together with Founding Partners Cory, Hamish, Jessica and Jason. And if you are wondering the AP stands for “All Platforms” – super cool!

We are National iAwards Winners!

We are so honoured to have won the Junior Student Category at the National iAwards in Melbourne! We had to pitch in front of 5 judges in Melbourne! WOW! The AIIA’s iAwards, is Australia’s largest innovation awards program, recognising and celebrating achievements of Australian students, businesses and individuals in conceptualising and developing innovations in technology.

LITE Version of App Released!

Finally, the Lite version of PowerShot is released!!

Commonwealth Games

PowerShot was invited to the Trade 2018 event, which was held at Broadbeach, Gold Coast, for the Commonwealth Games. They pitched about the app, networked with startups and businesses, listened to panels of very successful entrepreneurs; what their innovation is and how it became successful, and they also got to test the app with the other businesses at the beach.