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Back to The Precinct to pitch PowerShot App at River City Labs; we met many people there. Many of them had interesting ideas and businesses. Like one who used drones to take photos of telecommunications towers and makes a 3D image of the tower and use it to show people where they can go in the proximity of the towers. We also got a very good tour of the facilities. The first room we went to had the Japanese company SoftBank and the project of Pepper the AI robot. The robot was very interesting, as it could do many things including dance, introduce herself and identify how many people in the room.

At the UQ Big Day In we witnessed a millionaire talk about how he started with five grand and with a group of people in his basement. He was very interesting, and told us how we must always say yes to opportunities. He owned 55% of a multi-million business.

Australian Cricket Centre

At The Australian Cricket Centre we saw many players practicing their shots and bowls. They had very good resources. We met on of the development players named Henry and he was talking to us about the app. He said that he could bowl 145kms an hour, which was his best. However, he wanted a pocket speed gun that he could us a home. We also had our interview with the currier mail here. We also met Max, the sports scientist of the Centre and was talking about how the app could be tweaked so it would be beneficial for cricket players. Like from what angle the shot should be taken and where the ball should be picked up. Max was very helpful to us and told us that cricketers would buy an app that is configured to cricket would sell for around $15 to $20.



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August 17, 2018

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August 17, 2018

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August 17, 2018

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