PowerShot wins the Queensland iAwards.

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We still can’t believe our trip to Brisbane!  Not only did we do so much, but we won the junior category at the Queensland iAwards!
So as you know we went down to Brisbane last week, and a main reason why we went was for the iAwards. The iAwards in other words is like the State Innovation awards. There are three levels to the event, state, national and international. The awards were held at the Brisbane convention centre and there was all fancy food, we networked and it was really cool. We had a little table where we had our digital brochure we got from Brandtree Creative and everyone loved it, we also had our new updated business cards on the table and we also had our PowerShot fidget spinners which you can purchase for ten dollars if you want today. When we were networking we were lucky to meet many people such as Des Saunders and Leeanne Enoch, the MP of Algester. It was great to meet Leeanne and speak to her personal,y about the app. She also mentioned PowerShot in her speech at the event numerous times. Des Saunders was great to meet too. His advice was great and he was very nice. At the end of the iAwards he invited all of us to go to the big day in at UQ in Brisbane. When it was time to announce the Junior Student Category winner we were all very nervous and shaky, because we were cold and we were about to see who the winner was. When the winner was announced the man said “And as mentioned a lot tonight the winner is PowerShot!”. Everyone was cheering and we all couldn’t believe the fact we had just won the state iAwards. It was great to see our parents proud, as they have supported us all the way. The team all walked up to the stage and got handed the trophy by Des. After that we quickly went outside for a professional photo which you may have seen on social media. Because we have won the state iAwards we now get to go to Melbourne in August for the national iAwards where we will pitch directly in front of judges. If we win in Melbourne we will go to the final stage of the iAwards, which is international, in Asia. This will be a big goal to reach if we win and it would be a great experience! When the event had finished everyone went out to the area where we networked and had a quick group photo with all the winners and left. It was a fantastic night! The iAwards was a great success and we look forward to entering more events just like the iAwards.

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