Our Brisbane STEM Learning Adventures

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What a great experience in Brisbane whilst we were down for the iAwards. On our adventure around Brisbane we met up with Chris Titley a podcaster, keen basketballer and a huge supporter of the App. Chris gave us the idea to do BizBites and we recorded one with him. He gave us many links with sporting companies and advice as well. We visited the QUT Robotics Lab. The COO gave us a tour of all the cool and interesting robots there. The lab has been working on many projects including a robot that injects vinegar into Crown of Thorns. While in Brisbane we had interest from a primary school (Bulimba State School) asking us to visit the grade 5 and 6 students. The students we’re very interested in the App and couldn’t wait till the App could be downloaded. The kids were also asking what program we used to learn to code and how.

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