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On Wednesday the 16 November 2016 we were privileged to be apart of and a finalist in the Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards.
The award that we were finalists in was the peoples choice award, but we did go to the top three in Mayors Choice Award, but unfortunately didn’t win overall in that category, but just being there was fantastic. My school Smithfield State High School won an award because of their partnership between Trinity Beach State School and JCU. One of the main highlights for me was when James O’Loghlins did his talk. Many of the things he said was very interesting and important. Also listening to his stories of others our age doing amazing things. One of the stories was about a boy in America who saved his school thousands a year by simply the font of writing the smallest and simplest to save ink. We were privileged that we got to meet him and get a copy of his book!

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