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Meeting Mark Sowerby…
We recently went down to Brisbane and while we were there we met with Mark Sowerby and went to the Mawson Launch. When we met Mark we had a WHOLE HOUR with him!!! It was amazing to spend that long since he is so busy because he is the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur of course. Mark wanted to hear how the PowerShot started and he was very supportive of everything. While we were in the room having a meeting with Mark a lot of people were walking past and wondering who those kids were in that room? We had a great meeting with Mark and hope to spend more time with him soon. We also went to the Mawson launch which had a lot of people there. There were about 100 people there to listen to Stephan Phillips who is part of a business called Popgun. He talked about a robot they were creating called Alice which if you play music to it, it will play the rest of the needed notes back to you. Also he talk about a company called set witch have a farm of lithium batteries which are the batteries in your phone. We also got an interview with Stephan which was really good. We networked with a lot of people at the Mawson launch and I had a great time.

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